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Spend Less on IT

IT consulting seeks economic advantages for clients in an IT-environment where competition remains fierce and slower-than-desired industry growth is predicted, despite availability of increasingly innovative technologies.

IT Cost Optimization

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How often have you heard the statement "reduce cost and increase services?" Not an easy objective to accomplish, although not impossible. Maximizing your investment in information technology takes focus, energy and attention to detail. While tools are helpful in gathering information, there is nothing that can take the place of knowledgeable resources to help you accomplish your mission. Achieving success requires a partnership mentality and the willingness to think creatively. In general, the greatest factor that stands in your way of achieving significant IT cost optimization is the willingness to move beyond behavior barriers.Contact our consulting team today if you are ready to get serious about IT cost optimization: at

IT Assessment & Survey

An information technology assessment is a comprehensive consulting engagement that focuses on accomplishing two primary objectives:

  • Documentation of people, processes, assets and budgets
  • Recommended corrections and primary areas of remediation

In order to achieve these objectives our consulting team focuses on the passive collection of information in the:

  • Staff & Organizational Structure
  • Process & Procedures
  • Architectural Diagrams
  • Telecommunications & Networking
  • Data Centers
  • Servers & Virtualization
  • Storage & Backup
  • Back Office & Line of Business Applications
  • Digital & Web Presence
  • Vendor Agreements & Contracts
  • Operational Performance
  • Vendor Agreements & Contracts
  • Service Levels: Response & Resolution

Web Hosting Services

Perk Annex Developers provides professional quality solutions and services that include web design, web development, software development, search engine optimization and offshore staffing.