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Facts about Transitioning IT Outsourcing For Your Company

IT outsourcing started to be embraced by modern businesses at the turn of the 21st century. It has since become popular among big businesses as a powerful tool for increased efficiency, variable capacity, access to specialized IT skills and cost reduction, among others. Transitioning to outsourcing can, however, be complicated and the pitfalls from a poorly planned transition could be enormous and costly. Disruption of business activity, confusing operating procedures, miscommunication and failure to address unexpected events are some of the challenges. It is, therefore, essential to manage the transition process properly to achieve a successful transition to IT outsourcing. To ensure the conduct of uninterrupted business, your transition team must be able to put together a smooth transition process that includes the involvement of key people in your organization to be set in place before, during and after the transition period. Let's take a look at some basic facts.

Standardizing Operating Procedures

A conscious effort to standardize operating procedures should be initiated even before a transition to IT outsourcing. Attrition is often a necessary consequence of outsourcing. Before any knowledge and procedural abilities are lost, training materials, references and modules prepared by the outsourcing partner must be made ready to the in house staff intended to be retained to ensure the continuity of organizational processes and timely coordination between you and your provider. In short, these tools must be made commonly available to both in house and outsourced staff.

Establishing Key Transition Benchmarks

Setting standard benchmarks is necessary to analyze operational procedures before and during the IT outsourcing transition process. This is a key process that is useful in capturing key results areas early on during the transition so that procedures are stabilized before final implementation and long term adaptation. These benchmarks take the form of transition metrics that typically require daily monitoring and reporting to track the direction of the transition.

Aligning both Retained and Outsourced Organizations

Both retained and outsourced organizations need to be aligned to a unified objective and direction. This can be done by defining knowledge, skills and levels of experience for each outsourced job. It is inevitable that certain in house employees will have to be relieved and it is only proper that you take care of their separation benefits or help them be absorbed by the outsourcing enterprise. Procedures, technologies and machines used by the retained organization should likewise be aligned with those of the outsourcing company.

Focusing More on Value Rather than on Cost Reduction

While cost reduction is good for business, a purposeful IT outsourcing project should focus more on desirable benefits that add value to your business. Outsourcing enterprises often bring with them new ideas, innovative concepts, effective streamlining strategies and proactive approaches to changing business conditions. If these are properly used, increased efficiencies, optimum performance and cost reduction will naturally happen. Moreover, with outsourcing, you can have access to variable knowledge, skills and competencies that add value to your business.

Get IT Ready

What sets the pace for an ideal transition period greatly depends on how you get started. The first few weeks and months of transitioning are, therefore, critical. The key to achieving a successful transition to IT outsourcing is for all stakeholders like business owners, chief IT officers or data center managers to be strongly involved in the transition process. Most importantly, your choice of outsourcing partner can spell a big difference especially if you choose a company with unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities and extensive IT expertise like PerkAnnex.

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